Heavy Oil Cleaner – Pro-Solve

Pro-Solve is the environmental answer to heavy oil removal. Pro-Solve is totally organic, 100% Bio-degradable, no toxic fumes to deal with. Pro-Solve has no flammability concerns that are associated with most oil and asphalt removers. Pro Solve is mixed at 1 part Pro-Solve to 3 part water. For heavy duty oil and asphalt removal. Light oil removing can be mixed at 1 part Pro-Solve up to 10 parts water. Pro-Solve is designed to remove oil, grease, tar, asphalt, ink and dirt. Pro-Solve is very versatile by being able to be applied to oilfield equipment pumps, service equipment, floors, walls, etc. Pro-Solve can be applied by low pressure pump sprayers, brushes or mops. Pro-Solve is very unique by being able to adhere to vertical and horizontal equipment and not run off making it economical with no product waste. Workers will be very receptive to Pro-Solve as an organic cleaner with no harsh solvents.

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