Deep Purple is a water-soluble, purple liquid degreaser compatible with wand wash systems, designed for free rinsing and equipment-safe use, also effective as a pre-soak degreaser.

Cherry Foam Brush is a biocidal, cherry-scented pink lubricant for automatic and tunnel car washes, extending brush life and protecting vehicle paint, also suitable for wand bay systems.

Diamond Shine is a concentrated, cherry-scented green liquid wax for hot and cold car washes, offering spot-free drying, rust protection, and no need for a final rinse.

An orange citrus-scented sealant formulated with silicone polymers to weather-protect both high-tech and conventional vehicle finishes.

A low-pressure, high-pH presoak effectively removes tough road film, dirt, grease, and bugs, prepping the vehicle for foam brush or high-pressure soap with a pleasant citrus scent.

An unscented drying agent designed for quick water removal at the end of the car wash.

A cherry-scented detergent in red, blue, or gold foam, generating a rich lather to effectively lift and eliminate tough road grime, dirt, grease, bug marks, and soil from vehicle exteriors.

Generates a thick foam that rapidly dissolves tough bug residue on vehicle surfaces.

Friction reducers are chemical additives primarily used in oil and gas sectors, especially in hydraulic fracturing, to enhance fluid flow by minimizing friction between fluids and surfaces.

Turtle Wax® Pro’s high-foaming detergent tolerates hard water and offers variable pH levels and high lubricity for deep vehicle cleaning.

A lemon-scented, alkali-based presoak designed to effectively permeate and eliminate oil, dirt, grease, bug residue, and road film from vehicle surfaces.

An alkaline-based tire cleaner with a pine scent, generating dense green foam to extend surface dwell time and enhance deep cleaning.

A cherry-scented, high-pressure detergent creates a dense foam to effectively infiltrate and eliminate tough road grime, dirt, grease, bug marks, and oil from vehicle surfaces.

A mango-scented total-surface protectant that offers long-lasting shine and protection, utilizing advanced sheeting technology for rapid water removal and weather resistance.

A bubble gum-scented, acid-based conditioner in three colours designed to lower vehicle surface pH, enhancing the effectiveness of drying agents and sealants.

Turtle Wax® Pro’s high-foaming, lemon-scented detergent offers variable pH levels and high lubricity for deep, gentle cleaning of vehicles.