Deep Purple is a water-soluble, purple liquid degreaser compatible with wand wash systems, designed for free rinsing and equipment-safe use, also effective as a pre-soak degreaser.

Cherry Foam Brush is a biocidal, cherry-scented pink lubricant for automatic and tunnel car washes, extending brush life and protecting vehicle paint, also suitable for wand bay systems.

Diamond Shine is a concentrated, cherry-scented green liquid wax for hot and cold car washes, offering spot-free drying, rust protection, and no need for a final rinse.

A low-pressure, high-pH presoak effectively removes tough road film, dirt, grease, and bugs, prepping the vehicle for foam brush or high-pressure soap with a pleasant citrus scent.

Friction reducers are chemical additives primarily used in oil and gas sectors, especially in hydraulic fracturing, to enhance fluid flow by minimizing friction between fluids and surfaces.

The organic acid is effective and safe for cleaning car wash walls and curtains, including painted surfaces.