Turtle Wax Products

Discover the ultimate car care solutions designed to make your vehicle shine like new. From powerful cleaners to long-lasting protectants, our Turtle Wax products ensure your car looks its best, inside and out. Get ready to cruise in style with Paige Industries Turtle Wax products.

An orange citrus-scented protectant with carnauba wax that hastens drying while conditioning, sealing, and weather-protecting the vehicle surface.

An orange citrus-scented sealant formulated with silicone polymers to weather-protect both high-tech and conventional vehicle finishes.

An unscented drying agent designed for quick water removal at the end of the car wash.

A cherry-scented detergent in red, blue, or gold foam, generating a rich lather to effectively lift and eliminate tough road grime, dirt, grease, bug marks, and soil from vehicle exteriors.

Generates a thick foam that rapidly dissolves tough bug residue on vehicle surfaces.

Turtle Wax® Pro’s high-foaming detergent tolerates hard water and offers variable pH levels and high lubricity for deep vehicle cleaning.

A lemon-scented, alkali-based presoak designed to effectively permeate and eliminate oil, dirt, grease, bug residue, and road film from vehicle surfaces.

An alkaline-based tire cleaner with a pine scent, generating dense green foam to extend surface dwell time and enhance deep cleaning.

Turtle Wax® Pro high-pH presoaks handle hard water, cleansing vehicle surfaces alone or with low-pH options, further improved by HP-640 for a two-step application.

A cherry-scented, high-pressure detergent creates a dense foam to effectively infiltrate and eliminate tough road grime, dirt, grease, bug marks, and oil from vehicle surfaces.

A water-based tire dressing featuring a silicone emulsion for reduced sling-off and equipment clogging, delivering a high-gloss finish.

A mango-scented total-surface protectant that offers long-lasting shine and protection, utilizing advanced sheeting technology for rapid water removal and weather resistance.

A heavy-duty, acid-based presoak for deep cleaning and wheel brightening; ideal for use before a high-pH pre-soak to tackle tough grime.

A low-foaming, acid-based presoak for low to moderate TDS water, ideal for pre-cleaning vehicles before a high-pH pre-soak.

A bubble gum-scented, acid-based conditioner in three colours designed to lower vehicle surface pH, enhancing the effectiveness of drying agents and sealants.

A versatile cleaner/degreaser that effectively loosens dirt and easily rinses away grime, grease, and oil from various surfaces like engines, carpets, and concrete.