Oilfield Specialty Chemicals

Explore our comprehensive range of specialty chemicals, catering to diverse oil and gas applications. From foam agents specially formulated for extreme heat and extreme cold environments to friction reducers optimizing pumping efficiency, we have the perfect solutions for your well stimulation needs. Additionally, our gel plugs are meticulously designed to isolate wellbore sections during fracking operations. Our high-performance specialty chemicals enhance productivity and yield exceptional results in your oil and gas operations.

A specialty product used as a friction reducer to create viscosity.

Foam Agent is a versatile blend for optimal foaming in various well conditions, suitable for fluid unloading to drilling operations.

Friction reducers are chemical additives primarily used in oil and gas sectors, especially in hydraulic fracturing, to enhance fluid flow by minimizing friction between fluids and surfaces.

Gel plugs are downhole tools used in hydraulic fracturing to temporarily block specific wellbore sections during the fracking process.

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