Raw Materials

Paige Industries offers a wide range of raw chemicals that are crucial for different industrial processes. From bleach to acids, methanol to hydrogen peroxide, our high-quality products are guaranteed to be reliable and effective for your chemical needs. Rest assured that with Paige Industries, you can trust that you are getting top-grade raw chemicals to support your operations efficiently.

Utilized in making metal acetates, printing techniques, photographic film, resins, and various types of paints, among other applications.

This mild acid is frequently employed for cleaning purposes and has multiple applications in the industrial manufacture of chemicals.

Maintain a hygienic work environment using this potent bleach formula. Both the 6% and 12% concentrations are effective at killing harmful bacteria.

Frequently found in food, cosmetics, and cleaning products, this naturally occurring substance is highly versatile.

Mainly used to make vinyl chloride for PVC plastic and MDI/TDI for polyurethane; a potent, clear chemical reagent.

Hydrogen peroxide 29% is a potent disinfectant and cleaner that should be diluted before use to effectively sanitize work areas.

IPA is a versatile cleaning solvent effective against inks, stains, grease, and capable of dissolving resin.

Methanol is a flammable, light, colorless liquid used in applications like solvents, pesticides, and fuel.

Phosphoric acid, also referred to as orthophosphoric acid, is a colourless liquid widely utilized as a flavouring agent in numerous foods and beverages.

Propylene glycol, composed of 94% PG and 6% corrosion inhibitors, is used in coolants, antifreeze, and heat transfer fluids.

Propylene glycol serves as a moisture absorber in select medicines, cosmetics, and food items, and is also employed in the production of artificial fog.

A raw ingredient for many substances, it is frequently used in powdered detergent, soaps, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Sodium Hydroxide 25-50% is a corrosive, clear liquid used for alkaline neutralization in industrial treatment.

A compound frequently utilized in industries like synthetic detergents, water treatment, ceramics, and paint and varnish.

A colourless, soluble chemical used in cleaners, polymers, pH regulators, water treatment, and metal treatments.

Also known as oil of vitriol, Sulphuric acid is a dense, clear liquid used in applications ranging from fertilizer production to mineral processing and wastewater treatment.