Looking for specialized chemicals to meet your business needs? Look no further! Our collection of products is designed to help you tackle any task, from degreasing shop floors and keeping your bathrooms stocked with hand soap, to stocking your washers with laundry soap at your laundromat. With our help, you can be sure that your business will run smoothly and efficiently.

Highly concentrated and will control all types of foaming problems.

The ultimate solution for effortlessly removing stubborn stains and residue from your glassware and bottles. Its potent formula ensures sparkling clean results.

Dish Kleen offers powerful, concentrated cleaning without harsh chemicals, while being gentle and rich in emollients.

is a powerful non corrosive , Dlimonene based, Organic solvent with odour counter acting properties ideally suited for use in lift stations as it floats on top of the water.

Floor Degreaser is a powdered mix for quick and effective removal of oil and grime from floors, walls, and vinyl or plastic surfaces.

A carefully blended liquid designed to remove graffiti from concrete, metal, brick and glass.

Laundry Powder is a highly concentrated, lemon-scented formula effective in both hard and soft water across various washing machines.

Metal Prep is a concentrated liquid for preparing metals for painting. It also contains cleaners and is safe on all types of metal.

is a true neutral liquid detergent formulated for automatic scrubbers, its unique design loosens and lifts away any surface dirt without attacking your floor finish.

Odour Control is a concentrated deodorant available in Cherry, Rose, and Lemon scents, effective in neutralizing odours in washrooms, garbage bins, portable toilets, and even washbay pits in automotive settings.

Is a viscous heavy duty cleaner for use on grills, deep fryers and ovens

Pink Lotion is a thick, mild hand cleaner with a cherry scent and abundant lather, designed not to clog dispensers and ideal for cost-effective use in public buildings like schools and hospitals.

The Release Aid is formulated to prevent asphalt from adhering to the surfaces of paving trucks and machinery.

A57-X is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent with surfactants, wetting agents, and optical brighteners, effective in both soft and hard water, making it ideal for institutional use.