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Paige Industries offers an array of cutting-edge car wash chemicals tailored to perfection. From high-foaming detergents scented with cherry or lemon to clear coat protectants, their solutions are designed for diverse needs. These biodegradable formulas efficiently remove grime, dirt, and bug residue delivering impressive results without compromising the environment.

Super Kleen is a concentrated cleaner that breaks down soils and greases on surfaces, effective even in hard water due to built-in softeners.

Touch Free is a high-sudsing, bright pink concentrate designed for touchless car washes, eliminating the issues of dissolving and feeding consistency common with powders.

Deep Purple is a water-soluble, purple liquid degreaser compatible with wand wash systems, designed for free rinsing and equipment-safe use, also effective as a pre-soak degreaser.

Wash Away is a high-sudsing, concentrated soap ideal for touchless car washes, eliminating dissolving and feeding problems common with powders.

Cherry Foam Brush is a biocidal, cherry-scented pink lubricant for automatic and tunnel car washes, extending brush life and protecting vehicle paint, also suitable for wand bay systems.

A conditioner available in three colors that works by lowering the PH level on the vehicle surface to boost the performance of drying agents and sealants.

Diamond Shine is a concentrated, cherry-scented green liquid wax for hot and cold car washes, offering spot-free drying, rust protection, and no need for a final rinse.

A silicone-based clear coat protectant offering long-lasting protection and a glossy shine, safe for all car finishes and effective against water, salt, and dirt.

A low-pressure, high-pH presoak effectively removes tough road film, dirt, grease, and bugs, prepping the vehicle for foam brush or high-pressure soap with a pleasant citrus scent.

An ultra-concentrated tire cleaner that produces a rich and bright fluorescent green foam with deep cleaning properties, leaving the wheel and tire extra-shiny and clean.

A foaming bug detergent with deep-cleaning properties that penetrates and loosens stubborn bug residue from the entire vehicle surface.

A detergent that safely removes salt buildup from the vehicle surface and undercarriage.

The organic acid is effective and safe for cleaning car wash walls and curtains, including painted surfaces.

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