Oil Removers

Paige Industries is your trusted source for superior degreasers and oil removers. Our heavy-duty degreasers are specifically formulated to tackle the toughest grease and oil residues in various industries. From oil spill clean-up to industrial and automotive degreasing applications, our industrial degreasers and oil degreasers deliver exceptional results. Count on our degreasers cleaning agents to effectively dissolve and remove stubborn grease and oil, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. Experience the power of our degreaser solutions and trust us for all your chemical degreasing needs.

Citrasolve: a strong organic cleaner with a citrus scent, replacing toxic petroleum solvents while maintaining powerful cleaning capabilities.

Oil Tec, a yellow petroleum-based degreaser, delivers potent cleaning strength.

Flush Off, a yellow petroleum-based degreaser, delivers potent cleaning strength.

Econo-plus is an economically priced, yellow petroleum-based degreaser that delivers high-strength cleaning performance.

Pro-Solve is an organic, biodegradable, and versatile solution for heavy oil removal without toxic fumes or flammability concerns.

Marango, a yellow liquid with a citrus hint, excels at eliminating stubborn heavy oil buildup, grease, tar, and asphalt.

Petroluem based degreaser which provides high strength cleaning power.

A strong petroleum-based degreaser, cleans surfaces from oil, tar, asphalt, and grease in industry, applied with low pressure, followed by high-pressure rinsing for best results.

Citrus is a natural solvent degreaser that effectively handles greases across diverse environments, from industrial manufacturing to restaurants.