Acids and Disinfectants

Acids are powerful chemical compounds used in various industrial applications. As industrial cleaning agents, acids excel at dissolving tough stains, mineral deposits, and rust from surfaces. They play a crucial role in descaling, metal cleaning, and other specialized cleaning tasks. Caution should be exercised when handling acids due to their corrosive nature. As a reliable supplier of industrial chemicals, we offer a carefully curated selection of high-quality acids to ensure effective and safe cleaning solutions for your specific needs.

Pro-Foam, a high-foaming acid cleaner, is crafted to eliminate rust, scale, and aluminum oxide from surfaces, while also serving as a proficient metal preparation for painting.

A potent acidic detergent effectively removes concrete and dust without inducing rust on painted surfaces, thanks to included rust inhibitors.

Everbright, an acid cleaner designed specifically for aluminum surfaces in the trucking industry.

Descale, a concentrated yellow product utilizing phosphoric acid, is designed for efficient removal of calcium and scale buildup from equipment surfaces.

Germ Kleen is a versatile liquid disinfectant for commercial and industrial cleaning, effective in sanitizing a wide range of surfaces from walls and counters to fabrics and garbage cans.

Phosphoric acid cleaner formulated to remove calcium and water scale in lines and coils, without the pitting associated with harsher acids.

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